About Us

Who we are 

We are an online women's dress brand store, specializing in haute couture. Each gown is meticulously designed by senior designers and produced to exacting standards in our own factory.
We hope that women around the world can wear our clothes and show their unique, elegance and distinctive beauty.
DAYANA was founded in 2014 by Dmytro Kiltyka from a sweet story💗.
In 2013,Dmytro was searching for a gown as a gift for his sister’s graduation. He wish his sister could have a unforgettable and special memory, so he decided to buy a beautiful and special dress for his sister.However, He have looked tons of dresses, which is either too undistinguished or too expensive, none of those dresses is the one he want.He was disappointed.He think that every girl deserve an unique dress for their important moment in life. Suddenly a great idea comes to his mind! He decided to create a new brand specialized in high-quality dresses with exquisite design that every girl could afford it and wear it in their precious and sweet moment. That's how "DAYANA" comes to the world.


We sew all the products ourselves, so we adhere to the highest quality standards. Our main requirement for our employees is to love their job. That's why all our dresses are made with love.