Which Boho Dress Fits Your Style?

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Boho Dresses

Fashion is what you want it to be. In this contemporary world, there is a lot that you can call fashion. Basically, it is a form of self-expression that allows different people to show the world what they are and what their personality constitutes.

There are different subcultures in fashion. For instance, you can find several people dressing up in dark gothic clothing accessorized with neon accessories. This kind of dressing is subcultured as Cybergoth. Similarly, you can find several other fashion subcultures,  among which 'Bohemian' is one of the most popular sub-cultures. It is also known as hippie fashion, as it stems from the hippie culture back in the '60s and '70s.

In an overview, the bohemian subculture amounts to comfortable loose clothing featuring a creative combination of colors, fabrics and patterns. Boho dresses are some of the most common outfits worn by the people following this culture. You can find all sorts of women's boho dresses from a bohemian midi dress to a boho kimono. There is a large variety women can choose.

Let's take a look at all the different types of Bohemian dresses:

Bohemian Summer Dress

Bohemian summer dresses are printed soft fabrics perfect for the summer! The colors are usually soft and in the hues of blue, pink, white and yellow. These dresses can be of all lengths. You can wear a floor-length bohemian summer dress or opt for a dress that ends just above your knees.

 Summertime calls for beach parties, and a bohemian summer dress is all you need to stand out. There is a lot of space for you to accessorize your cute boho dresses. You can tie a big belt around your waist to add shape, or you can wear a colorful neckpiece to pair it well with your summer dress.

Casual Bohemian Dress

If you want to lounge around the house and be as comfortable as possible, a bohemian dress for women is all you need. A loose-fitting dress can give you the room you want to relax, and that will help you chill around the house without the fabric clinging to your body. A casual bohemian dress is a perfect fit for curvy, plus-sized women. They can get pretty printed causal dresses and then follow through with their day to day activities.

Bohemian Floral Dress

Floral printed dresses never go out of fashion, especially if it is a bohemian floral dress. You can expect the bohemian floral dress to look amazing on you as they are very vibrant and can put you in the right mood. A bohemian floral dress with off the shoulder sleeves can be the outfit for your date night or if you are heading out for brunch with your girls.

There are two types of floral bohemian dresses.  You can either get the ones with big flowers printed on them or opt for those with smaller flowers. It all really depends on what you prefer.


Flowy Bohemian Dress

Even though the bohemian look is all about wearing loose clothing, you might still find a body-hugging 2 piece boho dress. If that's not what you are looking for, you can opt for the flowy bohemian dress. These dresses are typically very roomy and perfect for women who want to move around freely and get things done.

You can also accessorize a flowy bohemian dress with a belt or if you want. All you need to do is wear a corset on top of it to make it look more Victorian.

Fall Bohemian Dress

Fall is a wonderful time to play around with colors. The bohemian look can give you the creative freedom you need to come up with aesthetic looks. Oranges and browns are some of the most popular colors in fall. Use these colors to your favor, and come up with a long or short fall bohemian dress with brown accessories. For instance, you can pair the dress up with a brown belt and a brown cowboy's hat, which will also add a little bit of country to your look.

Boho Spring Dress

Flowy dresses are the fashion of spring. You will find lots of women wearing spring dresses everywhere, but a boho spring dress stands out differently. There are no restrictions on the length of the dress. You can go for a long flowy bohemian dress or choose a puffy boho spring dress with some sneakers if you're heading to the park. You may also strap on a pair of gladiator heels to complement your look.

Bohemian Maxi Dress

A bohemian Maxi dress can be your best companion for an outdoor dinner or a picturesque picnic. The bohemian maxi dress is almost always floor-length with different types of necklines and shoulder patterns. These maxi dresses can be worn in different weathers, and if you pair them up with a leather jacket and some leggings, you can rock the look in winters. Bohemian maxi dresses with a slit on the edge can be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Bohemian Mini Dress

Wearing a bohemian dress doesn't always mean that the dress should be super long. You can also wear a bohemian mini dress and make it work for you. Printed petite bohemian dresses are the perfect match for petite women. The short printed dresses will make your legs look longer. You can even pair it with heels and improve the complete look.

Boho Kimono

Kimonos are very trendy, and Boho kimonos surely take the cake for being aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable. You can pair a Boho kimono with a white tank top and shorts. You can also wear a laced top and let the vibrant colors of your kimono piece the look together.

Bohemian fashion is on the rise as it blends aesthetic with comfort. More and more women are flocking to the nearest boho dress boutique, and if they can't find good variety there, they can always check out the variety available online. Head over to Dayana and get your hands on the trendiest boho looks!