Short vs. Long: How To Choose the Right Dress Length



Proms, red carpets, weddings—a few stereotypical places probably come to mind when you hear about different types of dresses. Though we’ve sure seen some dazzling gowns at these iconic events, dresses are much more versatile than just formal wear. Designers create dresses of all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, leaving us with more dresses to choose from than ever before.

Though all these dress options make for an abundant wardrobe, they can also make it more challenging to decide which type of dress is just right for you. From mini to maxi dresses, designers have also produced gowns of varying lengths. Each different hemline flatters the body in different ways and showcases various features. Selecting the right length dress is imperative to feeling confident in your outfit choice. Dayana compares short vs. long dresses and how to choose the right dress length. We’ll explore which factors influence the right dress length, different types of dress cuts, and tips for deciding whether a short or long dress is more your speed.

Special Occasions That Call for a Dress

You might be used to donning a dress only for fancy occasions, but we’re here to tell you that you can wear them to so much more than just refined parties. Nowadays, you can find dresses in all lengths, textiles, and designs that range from trim and elegant to comfy and casual. Since dresses are so versatile, you can wear them to an array of events without feeling overdressed. Here are a few examples of special occasions that may call for a dress. We’ll discuss how to find the right dress for varying events later.

  • A family get-together: Whether the family reunion is for a delicious barbecue or extravagant birthday bash, you can’t go wrong with a dress.
  • A funeral: A simple, dark dress with a cardigan or pullover sweater makes for a tidy and conservative fit for a traditional funeral and memorial ceremony.
  • A first date: Depending on where you plan to go for your first date, a dress could make a welcome outfit choice. You can dress your selection up or down with jewelry or sneakers.
  • A religious ceremony: Baptisms, mitzvahs, and other types of religious celebrations typically call for more formal outfits, so a dress will often be your best bet.
  • A dinner or cocktail party: For parties that feel a little fancier, don’t be afraid to toss on a ritzier dress.
  • A wedding: This event is likely the most obvious occasion where a dress makes a huge hit. Of course, you’ll want to avoid wearing a white dress unless you’re the bride.
  • Going on vacation: Because dresses are versatile, they make the perfect addition to a vacation wardrobe. You can wear a dress as a coverup or as an outfit on your night out.

Different Types of Dress Lengths To Choose From

When you go out shopping for the dress of your dreams, you’ll cross paths with a few different terms for dress styles. Understanding the variances between them can help you determine how to choose the right dress length for your event. Read below to familiarize yourself with the different dress lengths you can choose from.


Mini dresses reveal a little more leg than most dresses. As their title indicates, mini dresses are quite short and typically slim-fitting. In length, they usually reach just at or above your fingertips with your hands at your sides.

If you’re looking for ways to accentuate your legs while wearing a mini dress, experiment with different footwear options. While a pair of heels can make your calves look powerful, pairing your mini dress with combat boots can create a look that’s also towering and confident.


An at-the-knee cut is perfect for someone who wants to show off some leg but prefers a fit that’s a touch more conservative than the mini dress. Knee-cut dresses are flattering on everyone and create an evenly proportioned fit.


Midi dresses fall between your knee and ankle. Slim-fitting midi dresses often appear more formal than ruffled or flowy midi dresses, though both compliment all body types. Midi dresses can even lift and lengthen your look, as they showcase your shoes and ankles while offering a longer design.


There are good excuses to wear maxi dresses in just about any season but especially in summer. Casual boho maxi dresses make a great addition to any wardrobe because they’re elegant and sleek, yet flowy and fun.

Maxi dresses display plenty of character. From lace to tie-dye, you can find a maxi dress that reflects your personality and suits any special occasion on your agenda. The advantages of wearing maxi dresses are too good to overlook.


If you’re attending an event where you want to look high-fashion, dabble with your asymmetrical dress options. Asymmetrical dresses accentuate curves and give more shape, making them a great choice for nights where you want to hit the town and strut your stuff. Because asymmetrical dresses are eccentric, you’re sure to give off an artistic air wherever you go.

Other Factors To Consider When Selecting the Right Dress

To ensure the perfect dress selection, you’ll need to consider more than just its length. See why textile, color, and fit matter.

  • Textile: Textile significantly impacts the appearance and formality of any dress. While lace and silk make for fancy nights out, they might be overkill for a casual lunch outing.
  • Color: Color is more a preference, but it’s still well-worth some reflection. Consider your occasion and whether your color will make a suitable choice. While a vibrant yellow makes an exciting choice for a beach day, it may not be your first pick for a late-night cocktail party.
  • Fit: Fit as an influential factor in picking a dress is self-explanatory. Avoid compromising comfort for appearance. Wear what feels best for you; that way, you can rock what you’re wearing with confidence.

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